Put Ur Queries Here

पोस्ट uर Queries through कोम्मेंट्स .
i वुड देफिनेत्ल्य गो through


5 Responses to “Put Ur Queries Here”

  1. adrita ganguly Says:

    hi! i just want to know that why i am not there in any of my friend’s friend list on the left side of orkut home page, when they are there in my friend list and i have added them all as my friend. all my friends complain that though i have been added by them they can’t find me in there friend list and it is extremely difficult for them to scrap me because they have to go searching previous scraps i send to them and there can reply me on the basis of the reply option. please help me out in this serious problem i have been facing till the date i joined orkut. thank you adrita

  2. reena sebastian Says:

    hi i am trying to acess my account thgh i have correctly entered my password but inspite of that only blank blue page appears i cant sort out why this is so ..thank you reena

  3. Maria Says:

    I m unable to scrp my frnds since 7 days!!!!
    Neither I m able to upload any pic..
    pls help me!! :((

  4. mayank Says:

    i am anable to post any reply in any communities after using it while it display message “posting messages to communities has been temporarily disabled. ”

    and even while sending any scrap i always have to write text codes…
    i want your assistance

  5. manish dagar Says:

    contents of my orkut account are deleted plzzzzz helpme regarding this..

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