Google Adsense Hack

Google Adsense Hack: Automated Section Targetting for bloggers!

If you are a blogger showing Google Adsense ads, then this time I really got a awesome trick which worked well for me! This increased my Adsense earning with the help of section targeting!

Some Basics:
Adsense ads are loaded dynamically according to content of page! Now post people comes to your page to read post (probably they are coming via Google searching for some information). In this regard ads should be targeted to content of your post!


Newbies Way

Google provides following HTML comment tags to implement section targeting,
<!– google_ad_section_start –>
…….. your post …….
<!– google_ad_section_end –>So at every time you are writing a post you have to make sure that you write your post between above two HTML comment tags!

You can automate this in two ways!
There are two ways to do this as explained below. The first way will work for all blogspot blogger while second one is for blogger beta user! Similar hacks can be applied for any blogging platform (e.g. wordpress, movableType, Typepad, etc).

#1. Formatting Post Template: (for all blogspot blogger)

  • Go to Settings >> Formatting >> Post Template
  • In text box there add following codes as it is!

<!– google_ad_section_start –><br /><!– google_ad_section_end –>

  • Now whenever you will go for new post, these tags will be there and all you need to do is to write between these two lines!

#2. Editing HTML of Blog Template/Layout: (for all blogspot blogger in beta)

  • Go to Template >> Edit HTML
  • Click on Expand Widget Templates checkbox.
  • Search for following code…


  • Add <!– google_ad_section_start –> before <post.body>
  • Add <!– google_ad_section_end –> after <post.body>

Thats it! This is like do once and forget forever!
No matter which of above method you follow, the only thing you will notice after this modification is rise in your Adsense earning! 😉

If you stuck somewhere feel free to contact me for help!


5 Responses to “Google Adsense Hack”

  1. rohitmax055 Says:

    thanks dude…..
    i was searching this post since from last 2-3 months

  2. Irfan Says:

    Nice tips, this really works.

  3. kiran Says:

    also this blog is very useful for me

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