Protecting Files a Simple Method

A handy method of protecting your files while you are away from your desk is to use a screen saver password. For instance, when you set your screen saver to come on after your system has been idle for 5 minutes, your screen saver will automatically lock your system and a password will be required to unlock it. Here is how this is done: Note: Your screen saver password is predefined as your login password. If your system does not require a login password, then the screen saver password feature will not work. 1. Go to Start>> Control Panel>> Display
2. Once in the Display Properties window, select the Screen Saver tab.
3. If you do not have a screen saver choice made, you will need to make a section from the Screen Saver drop down menu.
4. With a screen saver selected, choose the amount of time you would like Windows to wait until activating your selected screen saver.
5. Place a check mark in the check box labeled; “On resume, password protect”.



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