Alternative Access To Orkut

Is blocked at your place (such as school, work etc.)? You must have seen“ Access Denied” error that comes up whenever you try toAccess Orkut in your offices or colleges or even schools, right?

Most system
administrators simply block

target=_blank> or <A
href=”” mce_href=”” target=_blank> But they don’t block other addresses. I have found two URLs by which you can access Orkut. You can use them at places where Orkut is not allowed :).

Do tell me of other good proxies tha works well with Orkut :). I’ll update
this list, as soon as I’ll find some other alternative for accessing Orkut.


4 Responses to “Alternative Access To Orkut”

  1. tag$ Says:

    can U just create an alternative for orkut.. so that we can browse and check our scraps! In our college and city orkut has been banned and none of the systems are allowed to open orkut! All the systems are locked and we can only check our mails and we can chat! But the orkut community which connects us with mutiple people at one time.. we miss it a lot! We want to access orkut through any other site! Like we have! Its pretty slow! It takes plenty of time! So tha.. we need an another one!



  2. Anonymous Says:

    i tried orkut page is opened, but cant access to my orkut account
    error coming ‘access denied’

    please advice…

    farrukh khan

  3. jitendra Says:

    not opening by your way

  4. Anonymous Says:

    sab bakwaas hai,

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