Orkut Colourful Scrapping with Smilies

Geek hello world

  • Open any scrapbook.
  • Write your message in the scrap.
  • Do NOT click on submit.
  • Copy the Script and paste it in your address bar
  • Click Submit
Visit :
*If the trick is not working 


    4 Responses to “Orkut Colourful Scrapping with Smilies”

    1. Orkut Colour Scraps Says:

      Nice post. yet much can be added now with a single script.

    2. Varun Sambhalwal Says:

      WheN yoU havE A TouGh target n YoU arE fearing from that bUt YOu want to AchIeve thAt DonT fEaR from that only just smile n say Ye to kuchh bhi nahi hai..
      VaruN SamBhalwaL

    3. Anonymous Says:


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