Windows Xp Shorcut Keys

Winkey is between ctrl and alt

Winkey + Pause = display the Systems Properties page (very useful!!)

Winkey + R = display the Run dialog box

Winkey + M = minimize all windows

Winkey + D = minimize all windows. Press again and desktop apps reappear.

Winkey + Shift + M = undo minimize all windows

Winkey + F1 = starts Windows Help (F1 by itself brings up Help in the current application)

Winkey + E = start Explorer

Winkey + F = start Find

Winkey + F + CNTL = start Find Computer

Winkey + B = Sets focus on the task bar

Winkey + TAB = cycle through taskbar buttons

Winkey + BREAK = display Systems Properties panel

Winkey + L = lock Desktop

So Better Save Your Time ! J

Post Your Shortcutkeys dat u know !



2 Responses to “Windows Xp Shorcut Keys”

  1. BONY. Says:

    “Amra ki sobai bondhu hote pari na???”

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