Vista Start Menu Search Bar Is Very Useful

To use the Start Menu Search Bar, click on the Vista Icon on your task bar to open the Start Menu. At the bottom of the Start Menu is a search box where you can enter what you are looking for. By default, the Search Bar automatically searches your computer’s index of files, however, if you click the little down arrow next to the Search Bar entry, you can choose to search either the Index, or the Internet. If you choose the Internet, it will automatically open a web page to your default search provider.

As there are many programs which are somewhat hidden within Windows Vista, the Search Bar is a quick way to open the programs you want. For example, let’s say you want to open the Services Management Console to see what services are currently on your system. Instead of having to wade through menus, or look through Windows Explorer, you can just type the word ‘services’. Windows Search will give you a set of results, and by hovering over each program result, you will get a small tooltip which gives you information about the program.



Windows Search will also allow you to find documents and email messages by searching for a word in the title, or even within the document itself. Having this feature available through the Start Menu is certainly a time-saver, and will make getting to what you what much easier and faster.


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