Flood Scrapbook Of your Friend :Orkut Script!

It’s is a script published By Trickworld.blogspot.com

To Flood Your’s or Your Friends Scraapbook



17 Responses to “Flood Scrapbook Of your Friend :Orkut Script!”

  1. jão Says:

    vai toma no cu

  2. hammad Says:

    i wants to add a friend .i send a request to him but he did not accept and put me into ignore list.tell me java script of it. please tell me now.

  3. bathy Says:

    why is javascript not htere

  4. Seema Says:

    this is a 100 % Working Flooder

    Go To this page


    Sign in, Nd do whatever it tells to and your flooding will be done within 10 minutes
    1scrap/1sec is Flooding Measure

    PLease dont misuse

  5. orkut scrapbook flooding Says:

    Great work… cool hack… thanks for sharing…

  6. prince Says:

    sir i wolud like to open locked photo album of someone ,can it be possible how please send a link to me


  7. Anonymous Says:

    when i clik on this link some other site will open plz send me a other link

  8. sahil Says:

    when i clik on this link some other site will open plz send me a other link

  9. Piyush Says:

    @ seema … ur flooder is at 110mb.com

    is it contain logger ?

    dont mind just asking 😀

  10. aaaaaaa Says:

    the all new working trick for orkut..just like powerscrap

    go to:


    now after logging-in u will be able to use many features like flooding a scrapbook, seeing everyone’s album, mass scrapping etc…


  11. Harsh Says:

    Can i know how to flood someones scrapbook

    and how to add someone friend how ignores us

  12. akash kar Says:

    i want to increase my number of scraps by trick……please send me a link how to increase scraps ion orkut.

  13. Amrinder Says:


    i want to flood my scraps

    like this user id


    plzzzzz tell me how to increase my scraps and in which web browser

    plzzz plzzzzzzz its urgent tell me soon

  14. Smack3r Says:

    Check dis out login wid this and after 30 to 40 sec u will start flooding itz about.1500 scraps within 5 minutes check it out lawlzZ………….

  15. Smack3r Says:

    login the above page to flood yewr S.B 100k

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