Send Scrap To All At Once

Open Firefox Browser.

Make Sure Dat Grease Monkey Is on.(dat is a monkey present downside right of the Firefox should be red.)

Click On the Install Present Here(TrickWorld)

Now Open Your Orkut Accout.

Delete Wat is Written In your Url Bar (WWW.****.com)

Write Down(

Now Write Down Your Scrap In this Window.


Screen Shot of The Window(send scrap to all).

Click Submit.



16 Responses to “Send Scrap To All At Once”

  1. Smart Chap Says:

    send free sms and talk for free @
    biggest online free stuff directory

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. hemant Says:


  4. tanish Says:

    itzzzz not working

  5. prashu Says:

    itz nt wrking 4 me 2……..

  6. Osama Says:

    its Now Working Its Just a Joke It Only shows that scraps R sent but Not a One Scrap is Being Sent.

  7. sibi Says:

    its not working dude…i need a msg 2 all of ma frndz…can any one make t ease..

  8. Sandip Says:

    not working !!! 😦

  9. James Says:

    not working. wasted My time

  10. poorva Says:

    its not workingggggggg.

  11. sravan Says:

    wating time dont post waste things

  12. jinesh Says:

    itz nt working [:X]

  13. Anonymous Says:

    its not working man

  14. Niraj Kumar Sinha Says:

    its not working ……..

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