Scrap All Friend’s At Once:New Release.

Procedure of Installation

1)Install Firefox.
2)Now install Grease monkey Plugins From here.
3)Open with Firefox browser :).

Note :If your are trying to install with internet explorer ,It will not install script with in the browser,either it will prompt for download ):

4)Click on install given Below the Screen Shots.

It will automatically prompt for installation.

5)click install present in the new window again .

🙂 that’s it now you are done now .

6)Open Your Orkut account .

7)Now Repalce watever is written in your address bar(
With either or

Wait for 1 minute.

The Screen That Will Open is Give Below.


Screen Shots.

Click The Picture to Enlarge.

Brought to You By Bean in association with Trick World!



You can either Directly Visit


3 Responses to “Scrap All Friend’s At Once:New Release.”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. Rohan rajaram Says:

    Friend’s are 4ever

  3. swathy Says:

    hai. How are you Iam Alsaj.

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