Disable links,No Need to Fill captcha

This Script Is Used To Disable Link .There is No Need To Fill Captcha.

Works With: Firefox | Most of the scripts work with Firefox. In case you don’t have it installed, you can download Firefox from the left sidebar “FireFox Browser” Section if you wish to.

Installation Procedure :-

* Install Firefox from the Left Side of this Page or from here!
* Install Greasemonkey plugins.
* In case You have any Problem in regards of how to Download Firefox and Grease Monkey,you must read this tutorial.

* Open http://TrickWorld.blogspot.com From FireFox.

* Now ,Click the Install Button Given Below .

Screen Shots

Usage :

1)Open Your Or Your Friend’s Scrapbook.
2)Write any Scrap with the (http) link you want to send to your friend.
3)see a link of trick world just below the text box of scrap book given in the screen shot above ,click on that.
4)Now your link is Disable to the normal format,You can Directly send a Favorite Link to Your Friend There Is No Need To fill Captcha.
5)post scrap.



Uninstall This Script After Using.

Uninstallation Procedure :-

  • Go to the Tools Box of Firefox ..
  • Now From the Tool Box click Greasemonkey
  • Manage User Script
  • Uninstall.

That’s it !

Geek !


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