Orkut Themes

Now Feel A New Experience !!

These are some of the Cool orkut themes ,Now Have Launched.You Should Try it, As it will Provide u a Beautiful and Awesome Orkuting Experience.


Themes Proce

  • Install Firefox from the Right Side of this Page !!
  • Install Greasemonkey plugins.
  • In case You have any Problem in regards of how to Download Firefox and Grease Monkey,you must read this tutorial.

Now Everything is Configured for the Themes to Work :-

  • First Install Orkut Add Ons :- Stylish
  • This is very similar to grease monkey in operation.
  • Now Install the desired theme for orkut.

Themes To Be Recommended :


9 Responses to “Orkut Themes”

  1. kuks Says:

    i wana change my profl bcoz whn i seen this orkut theme.i hav cazzy.

  2. mohit Says:

    hi i am orkut user……………..

  3. srinivas Says:

    Hi i am orkut user..

    i have crazzy……to change my orkut theme…

    how can i , please reply me ….

    thanks in advance

  4. robson Says:

    como vç vai itus

  5. pravin Says:

    hi cage orkut themes

  6. Aninha Says:

    Very nice this idea of themes for orkut. Searching on google also found a site that has a lot of other themes. Theme of Hello Kitty, Pucca, naruto, is of different colors, I thought well diversified
    the site is http://www.templah.com

    To those who ‘s looking, like me, it’s a good tip.

  7. rahul Says:


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