Media Video & Audio Players (Mp3,Mpegav,Div x,Dat etc)

Video Players


Fedora ships with a limited set of media player for both audio and video. For audio please read the MP3 player notes. For video and other multimedia (DVD, etc.) we will also be making use of a 3rd party repository: Livna. Make sure to have the Livna repository configured before executing the following. Note that many “dependancies” in libraries, plugins and codecs are shared between these applications and also the MP3 player applications.

The most popular media players (in order) are: MPlayer, Xine and VLC. Each has its own strengths. Install whichever you prefer although the first 2 are recommended.

About – MPlayer comes in a command line only interface (mplayer) or skinable GUI and it also has a powerful encoding tool MEncoder (also great for ripping or compressing audio/video). Additionally there is a highly functional web plugin allowing for many popular formats in Firefox/Mozilla (WMV, QuickTime, etc.).

Type the FOllowing Command in the Terminal.

[Puneet@localhost ~]$sudo yum install mplayer mplayer-gui mplayer-skins mplayer-fonts mplayerplug-in mencoder

Binary Codecs For Mplayer or Xine

  • Navigate to: <!– (if the link is down, please use a mirror) !–>
  • Select the package (.tar.bz2) matching your version of Fedora. Many 32-bit users will use: all-20071007.tar.bz2
  • Install the codecs:
    [Puneet@localhost ~]$ sudo mkdir -p /usr/lib/codecs
    [Puneet@localhost ~]$ sudo tar -jxvf all-20071007.tar.bz2 –strip-components 1 -C /usr/lib/codecs/

Vlc Player

VLC – VLC is a simpler media player with an easy to use interface. It also supports DVD playback. While most needs should be met with Xine and MPlayer some prefer VLC.

vlc supports almost any video type.

  • Installation through yum with Livna enabled:

    [Puneet@localhost ~]$ sudo yum install vlc

Real Player

Download RealPlayer rpm from here or Select: “Advanced Installation RedHat Package” .

Next open a terminal and go to the Folder you downloaded it. Install it by typing:

[Puneet@localhost ~]$ sudo yum install compat-libstdc++-33
[Puneet@localhost ~]$ sudo rpm -ivh RealPlayer10GOLD.rpm
[Puneet@localhost ~]$sudo yum remove HelixPlayer


[Puneet@localhost ~] $ sudo yum install xine xine-lib-extras xine-lib-extras-nonfree
[Puneet@localhost ~]$ sudo yum install gstreamer-ffmpeg ffmpeg ffmpeg-libs

MP3 and Audio players :How To’s


About : – Gnome users should have them already installed. If you don’t have it, to install it type:
[Puneet@localhost ~] $ sudo yum install gstreamer rhythmbox
To add mp3 and other audio support type:

[Puneet@localhost ~]$ sudo yum install gstreamer-plugins-good gstreamer-plugins-bad gstreamer-plugins-ugly


About :- Amarok is a pretty good audio/mp3 player for KDE. Of course you can install it under Gnome or any other Desktop Environment too. To install it type:

[Puneet@localhost ~]$ sudo yum install amarok

Adding mp3 support:

[Puneet@localhost ~]$ sudo yum install amarok-extras-nonfree


About : – Audacious is another audio player similar to old winamp 2.x. To install it type:

[Puneet@localhost ~]$ sudo yum install audacious audacious-plugins-nonfree-*
If you want to use your winamp 2.x skin with audacious simply copy winamp’s *.wsz skin to /usr/share/audacious/Skins/

If your tags are in a different encoding than utf8 you can force audacious to use it:

Preferences -> Playlist -> Metadata -> Fallback character encoding -> iso8859-7

If you want to add in queue mp3s when double clicked edit this file:

[Puneet@localhost ~]$ sudo nano /usr/share/applications/fedora-audacious.desktop
And change



Exec=audacious -e


About : – This audio player is no longer used, you could try audacious instead, but if you still want it type:

[Puneet@localhost ~]$ sudo yum install xmms xmms-libs xmms-mp3



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