Yumex :Graphical interface.

My Friend Ashish Told me About this When I was not to much familiar with Yum .

Graphical Interface ( yumex )

Yumex – Yum Extender


If you are not familiar with console(yum) you can use yumex. Yumex is a GUI (Graphical user Interface) for yum to simplify all the commands Given in Yum . To install it type:

$ sudo yum install yumex

From the Terminal.

** Note: For the rest of the guide I’ll be using yum for installing additional packages. If you prefer it you can install packages through yumex.
After Installation U can Use it From Applications-System Tools ->Yum Extender

Now in The Yum Extender Go to -> Package View.

It Will show -> Updates ,Available ,Installed ,All Package Options

Select The Desired Option as Per The Requirements .



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