Other Useful Applications

Other Useful Applications

Open Terminal type the Following Commands as Per The Applications.

eMule Client

[Puneet@localhost ~] $ sudo yum install amule

FTP Clients

For KDE users:

[Puneet@localhost ~] $ sudo yum install kftpgrabber
For Gnome users

[Puneet@localhost ~] $ sudo yum install gftp


[Puneet@localhost ~]$ sudo yum install unrar

chm reader

[Puneet@localhost ~] $ sudo yum install gnochm


[Puneet@localhost ~] $ sudo yum install linuxdcpp

Partition Editor

For KDE users

[Puneet@localhost ~] $ sudo yum install qtparted
For Gnome users:

[Puneet@localhost ~] $ sudo yum install gparted

Google Earth

Go to this page and download GoogleEarthLinux.bin.

Next open a terminal and go to the folder you have saved it.

Install it by typing:

[Puneet@localhost ~] $ sudo sh GoogleEarthLinux.bin

When you first run Google Earth you might get a message about missing Bitstream Vera Sans fonts. To install them type:

[Puneet@localhost ~] $ sudo yum install bitstream-vera-fonts


First you must install the Skype repository. Open a terminal and type:

[Puneet@localhost ~] $ sudo nano /etc/yum.repos.d/skype.repo
In that file copy the following lines:

name=Skype Repository

Now you can easily install skype by typing:

[Puneet@localhost ~] $ sudo yum – -enablerepo=skype install skype
At any time you can search for updates like that:

[Puneet@localhost ~] $ sudo yum – -enablerepo=skype update skype

Have Fun 🙂


2 Responses to “Other Useful Applications”

  1. Jon Says:

    Skype install did not work. Had to set gpgcheck=0 and found missing “-” for the –enablerepo switch for yum. With these changes it worked.

  2. Puneet Says:

    Mistake While Writing..Gud Jon.

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