Mplayer For Fedora

I m Using Fedora 8 So I m Explaning for Fedora .Today i got an Error While Installing Mplayer From Livna Repository. is needed by the Package mplayer-gui blah blah blah…

I then Downloaded Mplayer-Gui as given below,it is Working like a charm 🙂

Steps to Follow.

Mplayer Needs Three Downlaods.

1)codecs: essential-20071007.tar.bz2
2)src: MPlayer-1.0rc2.tar.bz2
3)skin: Blue-1.7.tar.bz2 (pick ANY)

The First one is Codecs for Mplayer,Second One is Mplayer itself,Third one is Mplayer skins.

Installation: All of MPlayer’s codecs must be installed in /usr/local/lib/codecs/.

Download The Codecs First and Place to it’s Position.


Now install the Codecs

[Puneet@localhost ~]$ bzip2 -cd essential-20071007.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -

Only needed if the directory: /usr/local/lib/codecs/ does NOT exist.

[Puneet@localhost ~]$ su -c 'mkdir /usr/local/lib/codecs/'
[Puneet@localhost ~]$ su -c 'mv -f essential-20071007/* /usr/local/lib/codecs/'
[Puneet@localhost ~]$ rmdir essential-20071007

2)Download Mplayer .

Choose this Package .(Http or ftp According to Your Comfort)

Mplayer :

Download it on your Desktop .

Now Open Application->System tools->Terminal.

(Here U need to Give correct Path of the Directory Where You Have Downloaded the Package or Just Drag and Drop The Entire Downloaded Folder in the Terminal it will Give u The Path as given below)

[Puneet@localhost ~]$ bzip2 -cd MPlayer-1.0rc2.tar.bz2 | tar xvf –

[Puneet@localhost ~]$ cd MPlayer-1.0rc2/

Configuring allows to customize certain parameters before compiling.

[Puneet@localhost ~]$./configure –help

TheAbove Step will Not Configure anything it will Just Provide us the Help.

[Puneet@localhost MPlayer-1.0rc2]$ ./configure –enable-gui –enable-largefiles \ –enable-menu –prefix=/usr –confdir=/etc/mplayer

The Above Command is Not for any installation But for Configuring The gui for the Installation .

Gui Requirement:GTK

The old MPlayer GUI used GTK1.2. With version 1.0pre8 and newer the (preferred) GUI uses GTK 2. The GUI requires both gtk2 and glib2 installed as well as their devel libraries. Make sure you have the following RPMs (or newer): gtk2-2.10, gtk2-devel-2.10, glib2-2.12, glib2-devel-2.12. You can obtain these from any Fedora mirror (ex: F8,F7, FC6) or from your Fedora CD’s/DVD.

Configure Again !!!

if you have Already Gtk Installed oin your System There is No Need To Configure Again.just Check Your Installed Programmes if Gtk is There or Not.

This step is optional. If everything worked correctly the first time you configured then continue to compiling. However there is a chance you do not have something correctly installed on your computer.

Installation Process :

[Puneet@localhost MPlayer-1.0rc2]$ make

[Puneet@localhost MPlayer-1.0rc2]$ su -c ‘make install’

password :

MPlayer will be installed and the last few lines of output indicate where we should install the skins:

*** Download skin(s) at
*** for GUI, and extract to /usr/share/mplayer/skins/

After Installing There is a Need Of Some Other Skins and Fonts Mplayer to Play on Gui.

OSD /Fonts

[Puneet@localhost ~]$mkdir ~/.mplayer/

FC5, newer:

[Puneet@localhost ~]$ln -s /usr/share/X11/fonts/TTF/luxisri.ttf ~/.mplayer/subfont.ttf
-OR- (FC1,2,3,4):

[Puneet@localhost ~]$ln -s /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TTF/luxisri.ttf ~/.mplayer/subfont.ttf


[Puneet@localhost ~]$ln -s /usr/share/fonts/msttcorefonts/arial.ttf ~/.mplayer/subfont.ttf


Download any of the Skins.


Now Follow the Steps Below :

Install multiple skins and create 'default' as a soft link.
[Puneet@localhost ~]$su


[root@localhost ~]# bzip2 -cd Blue-1.7.tar.bz2 | tar xvf - -C /usr/share/mplayer/skins/
[root@localhost ~]# bzip2 -cd proton-1.2.tar.bz2 | tar xvf - -C /usr/share/mplayer/skins/
[root@localhost ~]# bzip2 -cd plastik-2.0.tar.bz2 | tar xvf - -C /usr/share/mplayer/skins/

Set the default skin (I picked 'Blue' Say): 

[root@localhost]# cd /usr/share/mplayer/skins/

[root@localhost Skin]# ln -s Blue default

[root@local host]# exit

[Puneet@localhost ~]$

You r Done 


2 Responses to “Mplayer For Fedora”

  1. Mauriat Says:

    Hmmm. It would have been nice if you provided the source where you copied most of this information.

  2. Mauriat Says:

    Hmmm. It would have been nice if you provided the source where you copied most of this information.

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