Fedora Service Command Issue.

Today When i was using having root i typed service httpd start .it showed an error Message.

bash: service: command not found

I was Wondered when yesterday i have done the same thing ,it  had started normally ,what was the reason for that,i have googled and found the appropriate reason for that.

I Finally made to the conclusion that i have done the wrong thing today.

 What was that ?

i typed

[Puneet@localhost ~]$ su

password :

[root@localhost ~]# service httpd start

which i dont have to do so ,it Consistently giving me the same error..

bash: service: command not found

The main reason for that is i have to run su – instead of simply su .

Correct One. : –

[Puneet@localhost ~]$ su –

password :

[root@localhost ~]# service httpd start
Starting httpd:                                            [  OK  ]

If you are using su, remember the ‘-‘ option to get the target user’s environment (make it a login shell). Otherwise, you are running with your PATH, instead of root’s PATH, and the privileged commands will not be found (/sbin/ is not part of a normal user’s command search PATH).

This Solved the Issue.

Thanks to macemoneta .



4 Responses to “Fedora Service Command Issue.”

  1. alehandro Says:

    no comment keep working

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  3. Abhishek Agrawal Says:

    Thanks Puneet,
    I was wondering the same thing why service command is not running in fedora. Not only httpd, but others as well could not be started.

    Now its simple

  4. Hoolio Says:

    Thanks man!

    just wondered the same thing…would have taken me hours to find this one out.

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