OpenSuse 10.3 Installation


I Personally found OpenSUSE 10.3 Installation as Much Reliable as Fedora 8.

Suse Installation is Quite Simple ,Just Boot From Cd/Dvd ,It will do it’s Work as Follows :

Note : – If You Use Dvd Instead Choose Your Flavour(Kde,Gnome or Others ).

You Can Manually Choose Both of The Enviroments if You Have atleast 7 Gb Of Disk Space and The Other Applications To.

Installation Steps Include :-

  • Step 1: Choose Language (Choose as u Prefer)
  • Step 2: License Agreement (Click on Accept)
  • Step 3: System Analysis and Installation Mode(Checking it’s Requirements)
  • Add Online openSUSE Repositories (Checking for Online Softwares Available)
  • Step 4: Select Time Zones (Selecting Country and Time Zone)
  • Desktop Selection (Gnome or Kde)
  • Step 5: Final Summary
  • Step 6: Installation (It will Start Installing Softwares)
  • Step 7: System Administrator Password (Enter Password which u Want)
  • Step 8: Host Name Selection
  • Step 9: Network Configuration
  • Step 10: Setup Online Updates (Checking for Online Updates if u have internet Connection)
  • Run Online Update
  • Step 11: User Setup (Enter Desired User Name and Password)
  • Writing System Configuration
  • Step 12: Release Notes
  • Hardware Setup (Mouse,Keyboard,Graphics,Sound,Lan,Printer,WebCam,etc)


I Normally Prefered Pictures Wise Installation Guide:Click Here

Have Fun



2 Responses to “OpenSuse 10.3 Installation”

  1. resouces stuff Says:



  2. MMMunisekher Says:

    Dear Puneet,
    Thank you very much for the information provided in the site. It is quite helpful and highly informative for new users of linux like me.
    Please tell me which linux distribution is the best for browsing the internet. Also the ram should be preferably 256 mb and alsto it should be stable for atleast two or three years.
    I am home user . The main aim is I am doing research . To access articles from the net regarding my topic I require very badly the net.
    Please help me.
    Yours ,

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