Compiz Fusion On Ubuntu 7.10(Nvidia)

What is Compiz-Fusion ? compiz_fusion.jpg
Compiz Fusion is the result of a merge between the well-known Beryl composite window manager and Compiz Extras, a community set of improvements to the Compiz composite window manager. Compiz Fusion aims to provide an easy and fun-to-use windowed environment, allowing use of the graphics hardware to render each individual window and the entire screen, to provide some impressive effects, speed and usefulness.

The Restricted Drivers Manager should offer an NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver for installation:


Choose that driver; a new window will pop up where you confirm your choice by clicking on the Enable Driver button:


Afterwards the NVIDIA driver is being downloaded and installed:


You can now close the Changes applied window…

… as well as the Restricted Drivers Manager (but note the Needs computer restart line in the Status column – I’ll come to this next):

As you’ve noticed in the previous screenshot, the computer needs a restart so that the changes can take effect. Click on the restart icon in the upper right corner…

and then on the Restart Now button to reboot the system:

After the reboot the system uses the proprietary NVIDIA graphics driver.

3 Installing Compiz Fusion

Open the Synaptic Package Manager (System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager):

Type in the root password:

Use the Search function and search for compizconfig:

You should find the package compizconfig-settings-manager in the results. Click on it and select Mark for Installation:

(JavaScript must be enabled in your browser to view the large image as an image overlay.)

Accept that package’s dependencies by clicking on Mark:

Afterwards, you should also select the packages emerald and gnome-compiz-manager for installation (you can use the Search fuction again to find them):

Next, click on the Apply button:

Confirm your selection by clicking on Apply again:

Afterwards, the packages are being downloaded and installed:

After all packages have been installed, you can close the Synaptic Package Manager:



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