Change Boot Loader Screen Ubuntu

Well Ubuntu Comes With a Black and White Grub Boot Loader,Having Black and White Menu Screen ,Which is Having Booting Options of The Operating Systems.

I Like the Suse and Fedora Boot Loaders ,They are Impressive by Default.

You are Sometimes Bored Watching The Old Looks.

Now You Can Change The Boot Screen to Splash Screen by the Following Way:-

Just Download a spalsh Screen Form here.

After Downloading Follow The Steps Below :-

Open Terminal :-

Now :-

Copy the Downloaded File in The /boot/grub directory :-

 cp thedownloadedfile.xpm.gz /boot/grub

thedownloadedfile.xpm.gz means the Downloaded File From the Above Link.

Now You can see This Downloaded File On grub Directory By Typing the Command Below in the Terminal :

cd /boot
cd grub


The Downloaded File Must be there.

Now Follow the Steps Below :-

Open Application->Accessories->Terminal

sudo gedit  /boot/grub/menu.lst

Enter the Password When Prompted.

Now Carefully Follow the Steps Below :-

1)Copy the Line Below :-


Instruction :-

Change the (hd1,0) if you have a different setup :-

Like I have (hd0,6) is My boot Partition so My line Should Be


Here blu.xpm.gz is the Package name which You Have Downloaded Earlier.

Watch the Screen Shot Where to Paste The above Line,it will Give You The Perfect Idea.


Click The Screen Shot To Enlarge.

Save and Exit ,Now Restart Your Computer and You r Done.

Enjoy Your Newly Splash Screen.


My Splash Screen Demo.



One Response to “Change Boot Loader Screen Ubuntu”

  1. Sasha Says:

    Can not copy downloaded file to boot/grub…Ubuntu says: Permission denied

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