Sabayon Linux a Distro For The Professionals


Sabayon is Not Yet Popular but is Climbing the DistroWatch Very Quickly .If You Want a Change ,Sabayon is like a “Breath of Fresh Air”.It is One of The Cool Distro that i have Seen After Watching Suse,Ubuntu,Fedora etc.

The Main Features of any Sabayon Version are :

Sabayon Offers a Complete out-of -box experience.This Means it Comes With pre-Installed multimedia,internet,gaming abilities and many of the Latest Softwares.

Releases are done in a short-time.This Means that You Don’t Need to Depend on Updating ‘by hand’ to the latest software Versions

Unlike most other distributions,sabayon is Completely Independent of Commercial interests.the Developers of Sabayon Linux are all users of other distributions –so they have made a Distribution “From users of users”.sabayon.jpg

Sabayon is arguably the Most Complete Distro that packs all Possible Application into a DVD.Only Knoppix,Perhaps ,is More Complete.An Alternative for people ,who do not have access to DVD Media is a mini-edition ,which is Available for Downloads and Can be Burned to a CD.This Version has KDE,Fluxbox and Other basic Applications.

System Requirement :

  • i586 Processor(Starting from AMD K5 and Intel Pentium)
  • Minimun 256 MB RAM ;512 Recomended.
  • Live Enviroment (with or Without 3D)
  • Approximately 12 GB of Free Disk Space.

Games and Entertainment :

The Sabayon Dvd is Loaded With a Lots of Games and There Demo’s Like Quake 4 and Cold War.

The Multimedia applicatios are Probably one of the most difficult desktop applications to configure and install on some Linux Distros .Sabayon is Completely Different and Different and includes Applications that you need for Viewing movies ,listening to Music Editing Video Clips,Recording and Editing Music,Managing Music Notes etc,K3B(Writer),and Amarok.

Visit For More Features And Downlaoads :-Click Here


One Response to “Sabayon Linux a Distro For The Professionals”

  1. Amit Says:

    Hi Its Amit
    Definitely really sabayon rocks …..
    but actully it needs to handle with care because if you shuts your pc in start up boot time then it crashes the system file only.
    but overall the sabayon which i have really mind blowing because it comes with so many features i think it is the only one linux distro which gives you the all linux applications under one roof.
    guys 101% i am recommeding sabayon distro because if thre is any boot loader problem (when you installs xp after the sabayon) then you need to only run live cd with installation option you need to configure boot options only and it directly installs boot (MBR) and done.
    this is the most i liked option in sabayon.
    and also i likes linux because it gives complete virus protection.

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