Compiz-Fusion Community News for February 9, 2008: KDE 4 is in.

kde4.jpgThe Community News returns again, after an absence that I will try to avoid in future P In the time between the previous community news and the last, there have been a number of new and interesting cool features added to Compiz-Fusion. The changes have taken place due to our community and our very own onestone who has added a slew of KDE 4 composite features to Compiz. Some highlights this week are:

  • KDE 4 Window decorator plasma integration

  • Show Mouse, and Area-Based maginification through the mag plugin

  • Wiimote integration

  • True blending of wallpapers and cubecaps

A number of bugs have also been fixed (Not the emerald crash at random, sorry!) which should improve your Compiz Fusion experience marginally.




News in Bugs

  • Temporary fix for certain windows loosing their shape attributes while using freewins (link)
  • Atlantis 2 works a bit better with normal monitors
  • Fix unnecessary compile warning with the screensaver plugin
  • Better option grouping in the Winrules plugin
  • Maximumize plugin was placed in the Window Management category
  • Individual plugin Makefiles were updated to notify the user as to when the plugin should be installed globally because it depends on other plugins
  • The sesssion plugin was updated to use core session functions, it should allow session management in the near future
  • Fix visual glitch when using cube reflections with 3D
  • The ‘Brightness and Saturation’ plugin has been placed in the accessibility category
  • Some freezes fixed in animation, particularly with superkaramba
  • Display glitches such as animation artifacts and dark textures in animation fixed.
  • Fix trailfocus glitches when windows span multiple viewports
  • Improved metadata in the showmouse plugin
  • Fragment shader fixes for the ‘fisheye’ mode of mag. The effect should work on the NVIDIA and Intel platforms. It may work for ATI users who use linux or have somewhat decent AIGLX support with fragment_program
  • ‘Fisheye’ plugin merged into mag as another mode
  • Ability to disable KDE4 support in compiz-fusion-debain platforms
  • Some working option support in the Wiimote plugin.

Read More :Compiz Fusion Stuff.


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