Empty Ubuntu Trash From Command Line

Ubuntu has a trash can/recycle bin feature similar to windows. The difference with Ubuntu is that you can empty the trash from the command line.
First you need to open your terminal and type the following command

rm -rf ~/.Trash/*

Note : You probably have files there that can only be erased if you have root privileges.
So, try this code instead:
sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash/*

Enjoy Trashing.. 



4 Responses to “Empty Ubuntu Trash From Command Line”

  1. xMoDx Says:

    this command is not working @ Ubuntu hardy, any ideas?

  2. dvallej Says:

    same problems, didnt work on 8.04

  3. dvallej Says:

    i used this and it work:
    sudo rm -rf ~/.local/share/Trash/files/*

  4. Frank Says:

    Thanx dvallej that was very handy

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