Mac OS And Vista Feel On Xp

I m having Mac Os and Vista Quite Complete Feel On Xp.

System Requirements :

  • Windows Xp Sp2.
  • 512 MB RAM Minimum.

Installation Procedure.

If u Have already Xp Installed on Your System ,Then Follow The Steps Below :

  1. Vista Transformation Pack 8.0.1 :Download (Stable Version) and Install it.

After Restarting :-

2.LeopardXP Style:Download and Extract On Desktop.

Now Open C:\Windows (where Your Windows is installed Now):



Copy the Folder You have recently Extracted at Your Desktop in the Themes Folder.

Note :The File Name of the Extracted Folder Should be Same as of the Visual Style File Present in that Folder.

Now Right Click on the Desktop ->Properties->Appearance->Open the Windows and Button Combo Box and The File name should be Present in the Combo Box and Click on that and Apply->Ok That’s it.

Now After The Above Task…

There is a Need of “Dock” Main Feature that the Mac is Having..

I Like the Stardock ObjectDock the Most.

Object Dock :Download and Extract.

Now Click on the Shortcut Icon Placedas a Object Dock on the Desktop.

That’s it



2 Responses to “Mac OS And Vista Feel On Xp”

  1. sujolothya Says:

    thank u for ur kind help

    but, i am very feel of them for one assignment will not be got it.

    it’s very secure for the assignment…..

  2. Microsoft Windows Vista « Jazzy’s BTT20 Weblog Says:

    […] 1. Agarrwal, P. (2008). Mac OS and Vista Feel On XP. Retrieved October 30, 2008, from the WordPress website: […]

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