Add More Than 1000 Friends On Orkut

  1. This trick is now public, don’t expect it to be working forever. Just be quick and achieve glory.
  2. Now, Navigate to –
  3. Now Enter Email Addresses to add as your friend(s) – Make sure the members are active on orkut.
  4. Enter the captcha.
  5. Submit
  6. Now, You will see option to add the profiles as your friend just select all the check boxes and all the profiles will be sent request automatically.



8 Responses to “Add More Than 1000 Friends On Orkut”

  1. Hitman Says:

    Hey Bro….!!

    What is captcha????

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Captch is a Text for Verfication

  3. GURU DEV MAMU Says:


  4. Anonymous Says:

    could you tell a little about the mass friend adder.

  5. jiya Says:

    I am looking for mass friend adder.

    anybody have?

  6. komal Says:

    I want too more frineds ok

  7. Tanzeel Says:

    Well I want it too

  8. Dawson Says:

    I have a Really amazing site herePleasure to look at your site Dawson 789

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