Howto: Install Cairo Dock in Ubuntu

Cairo-Dock is an animated launch bar similar to SimDock or AWN. You can use it to launch applications and utilize small applets that live on the bar. It lacks some of the visual effects provided by AWN, but it my experience it runs a little faster.

This application is an continuation of the abandoned GNOME-Dock project. According to the Ubuntu Wiki:

Procedure For Installation :-

Add the repository to System->Administration->Software Sources->Third Party Software->Add:
deb gutsy cairo-dock

Click Reload.
Click here to install if you have apt-url installed with firefox and you added the above repository or:
Open up synaptic:
System->Administration->Synaptic and search for cairo-dock and cairo-dock-plug-ins then click install.

Once Installed you can access Cairo Dock via Applications->System Tools->Cairo Dock
Cairo-Dock has an update function so you will not need a repository or need to download it again

Check here for more plugins and addons

Additonal Documentation is here

Have Fun !!

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9 Responses to “Howto: Install Cairo Dock in Ubuntu”

  1. tareq Says:

    thanks very much man 😉

  2. Puneet Says:

    It’s all right buddy …

  3. Ghanshyam Says:

    Thanks for this, very helpful

  4. tanmay Says:

    thanks dude… this is gr8

  5. sat@evo Says:

    thxxxxxx mate is work!!!!!!!

  6. sanjeev Says:

    How Do I install it in fedora 9. Or are there other docks that i can use.

  7. Luciano Says:

    Doesn’t work anymore :/ says ” repository moved” or smth like that…

  8. bjamison Says:

    I have trued several times to install Cairo on Linux Mint, but every time I do, I can’t find it in my system. The installation works fine but where did Cairo go?

  9. Puneet11 Says:

    Open Terminal & Try :
    $ cairo-dock

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