Released .

For All Our Visitors and Readers.A New Site is Launched .Which Will Provides u Uptodate Information.

Hope You will be Visiting it Daily for New Updates or Contents. Remains Uneffective and You can Get the Response of Comments and Queries.Means Comments,Queries are Welcome.

Our Community : Click Here.




2 Responses to “Released .”

  1. Says:

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  2. Sandeep Says:

    hi puneet, i read the theory of vartulization you entered a good contents, but if you see the xen vertulasation is easer and more populer then the Vm, well in linux everything is importent if you wanted to read that visit the site :::::

    if you want more contents for the linux then feel free to contect me not for linux you can ask for windows, cisco or that you want .. i will try to solve your problem

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