Orkut Boy For Easy Orkuting .

Orkut Boy Works With Any Browser(Internet Explorer,Firefox etc ) .It is Designed For Making Orkut Easy by Fast Navigations to any Page You Want on Orkut.

Screen Shot

How it Works?

1)Navigate to http://punuptech.com/orkutboy.html

2) Open Your Orkut Account .


3)  Open Your Orkut Account First and Then Click The Link :- http://punuptech.com/orkutboy.html.

Happy Orkuting

Enjoy !!!

Regards .


4 Responses to “Orkut Boy For Easy Orkuting .”

  1. CHRIS.EDWIN Says:

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  2. Konkani Foodie Says:

    What is orkut boy? Is it a software or just a plug-in for orkut??

  3. Puneet Says:

    it is not a software ,it is a web application ..not working now coz orkut has changed the codes.

    working on a new application ,it well be available soon..

  4. PATEL VIJAL Says:


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