MASS Audio Player 2.0:Music Player Released With Google,Orkut skins

MASS Music Player v2.0

MASS Music or an Audio Player(Multi Audio Surround Sound  Player) is a Mp3 ,Wav,Au audio player. made by Anup Gupta(Punuptech Team Member) .It is a Multi Platform Player,which can  run on various platforms like Windows,Solaris,Linux.

Thanks for giving so much love and support to our previous releases v1.2 and v1.3 ,with a huge appreciation of these releases, MASS Audio Player v2.0 is released including ,lots of additional features and skins.


Complete Installation Pack :-


Note :- JMF installation will automatically start,click on finish button only after the installation of JMF(java media framework).While installation ,JMF will prompt to restart the computer ,click on No to restart.

Installation video is given below

Update Pack (upgrade v1.3 to v2.0) :-This Pack will upgrade your previous version of music player to v2.0.


Windows Vista,Windows 7 Users : Extract the Setup File anywhere in any directory,right click on the extracted setup >>Compatiblity mode>>Check on run this program on compatibilty mode>>choose windows xp service pack 2 and also check on run this program as an administrator.

MASS Player Enhanced Features :-




Add files to list
Add directories to list
Sort Play list
Jump to a music
Remove a file
Clear Play list
One click installer
Click files to play music
Compact view
Harsh sound remover
Song Slider
Volume Control
File selections
Loop one & all
Antivirus Approved
Shortcut keys
Skins & Looks
Rate Changer

Featured skins (included in v2.0) :-

Orkut skin

Punuptech Skin


Google Skin




Installation Procedure :-

Installation video of MASS Player v2.0

We are soon announcing the release date of MASS Music Player 2.0 for linux , solaris operating systems.


2 Responses to “MASS Audio Player 2.0:Music Player Released With Google,Orkut skins”

  1. MASS Music Player 2.0 Released With Google,Orkut skins « Orkut An … | getgooglemusic Says:

    […] here to read the rest: MASS Music Player 2.0 Released With Google,Orkut skins « Orkut An … March 27th, 2010 | Tags: a-huge-appreciation, and-support, and-v1-3, for-giving, mass, much-love, […]

  2. Puneet Says:

    Mass Player 2.1 Launched !!

    Mass Player 2.1 is a portable music player.It has a very sleek looks and made to run various music formats like mp3,wav, etc. It is a full featured application that enhance the feel and comfort,while you play any type of music files.It’s shiny and glossy skins along with various themes like Windows XP,Windows Vista,Motif,Cleanlooks,etc add mood while playing music.

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