Orkut Tips and Tricks


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General Tricks

1)Blank scrap

How to write blank scrap / blank post ?
follow the steps:

1) Open any scrapbook.
2) Write [i] in the scrapbook.
3) Do NOT write anything else in the scrapbook, and submit the scrap.
That’s all.
You can also use [b] tag instead of [i] tag
You can also use this method to post a blank entry in any community forum.


2) Double the size of your Friends Image(Working)

Follow the steps:
1) Open any or Your profile whose friends’ images you wish to double.
2) Copy the following text and paste it in your address bar

Copy the Code Below And Paste it in Your Notepad.Now Replace it’s Inverted quotes with New Inverted Quotes From the Keyboard and Follow Step 1 and 2.



3)Funny Mirror Links(Working Code)

These links if clicked redirects the person who clicked to his/her profile.
U can use these in Your Profile like :”MY Best Friend” and any one who clicks on these link will see his/her own profile.

This will give out d profile:


This will give out the Scrapbook :


This will give out the Best Album :



4 ) Lame trick to frustate someone:

just creeped to my mind so m sharing wid you.

The best link to setup as your homepage is

When someone click on this the person will be logged out from his/her orkut session.


5) Adding Special Symbols in Scraps !!!!!!!!!!!

This is a much awaited trick on Orkut
very less users know about it
be d one n Impress
ur friends !!here it isPress alt key and d following 4rm num pad …alt + 987 – █
alt + 1 – ☺
alt + 2 – ☻
alt + 3 – ♥
alt + 4 – ♦
alt + 5 – ♣
alt + 6 – ♠
alt + 7 –

alt + 8 – ◘
alt + 9 – ○alt + 0178 – ²
alt + 0489 – é
alt + 0756 – ô
alt + 0742 – æ
alt + 0719 – Ï
alt + 0739 – ã
alt + 0729 – Ù

the same way many combinations can be tried..
keep trying it and do upload it here as comments keep posting.

6)Writing a star in your orkut scrap!

Write & # 9 7 3 3 before your scrap without spaces in between these characters. And see a cool star icon that comes up in the scrap on submitting.

7) Send anonymous scrap !!!

For sending a anonymous scrap, follow the steps:

1. Create a fake account.

2. Write the scraps to the person you want.

3. Delete the account.

Your scraps from the deleted account becomes anonymous

8) Orkut Fun(Even U can Use on Every Address) !!!!

Simply copy and paste the links.


“Write in different Indian languages”

· Go to Classifieds.co.in for Hindi font.

· Download Baraha for all Indian languages.

Go to Quillpad for Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Marathi

More Tricks& Softwares

“Softwares” :new.jpg

Scrap All Version 2.01

Scrap Flooder 1.02 New Codes

Scrap Flooder (Firefox users)

Scrap to All On New Orkut Theme

Orkut Cute (Really Cute)


Scrap Flooder For New Codes

G-Talk Inside Orkut

World of Scraps & Testi’s

Latest Scrap Book Flooder
Send Scrap to All

Flood Your Videos

Flood Friends Scrapbook

Edit Any Page

Scrap as Vertical Text


Scrap With Smilies

Easy Scrapbook,Messages,Album Visits

Medal in a Profile

Delete Topic Updated

Search a Scrap Book

Image Size Bigger

One Click Accept Friends

Hindi Fonts

Crush List

Rapid Delete Topics From Community


Find Crush List

Color Trick

Slide How to Orkut.com

This List WIll Be Updated Soon.

For Most Recent Updated Orkut Tricks & Tip

Visit :





Disclaimer and Copyright

The information presented here is my own, and also from other sources.

Either of them is not responsible for any concerns or issues.

© 2006-2008 Computrgeek – All Rights Reserved


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    More Arkut in 1000 with a friend, how can be made! Please explain how at one time to become friends

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    how it can be written in different colors can you tell me ………………

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    i would like to have Ignou mca 1’st sem papers.u site is providing only mails,not answers.

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    please some tips to prepare for exams

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    Thanks for the tricks

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    try this on address bar

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    how to hide scrapbuk from frndz

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    how can i insert any picture(.jpeg , >gif )in the place of ‘about me’ for orkut profile.

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    plz give me tricks how to prepare competetive exams

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