Apple Browser Released:Safari

Eat your heart out, Windows surfers. Apple’s Safari browser is fast and feature-packed with functions that Netscape and Internet Explorer users can only long for.

Safari doesn’t do Windows–it’s exclusively for Apples running Mac OS X. Apple announced the browser at Macworld Expo earlier in January. Now it is available as a free public beta, and the Apple community has descended upon the Safari browser with passion, downloading it over 1 million times. The final version of Safari is to become available this year.

12 reasons you’ll love Safari.

1. Blazing Performance
2. Elegant User Interface
3. Easy Bookmarks
4. Pop-up Blocking
5. Inline Find
6. Tabbed Browsing
7. SnapBack
8. Forms AutoFill
9. Built-in RSS
10. Resizable Text Fields
11. Private Browsing
12. Securitya.


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