Gtalk Inside Orkut

This Script Adds a Google Talk Inside Orkut Home Page.

Works With: Firefox | Most of the scripts work with Firefox. In case you don’t have it installed, you can download Firefox from the left sidebar “FireFox Browser” Section if you wish to.

Installation Procedure :-

  • Install Firefox Browser.
  • Install Greasemonkey plugins.
  • In case You have any Problem in regards of how to Download Firefox and Grease Monkey,you must read this tutorial.
  • Open Gtalk From FireFox.

Uninstall the Script After Using :

  • Go to the Tools of Firefox Browser.
  • Now Go to Grease Monkey.
  • Go to Manage User Script.
  • Click Uninstall.

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GOOGLE TRICKSEnjoy some cool google tricks :

Enjoy some cool google tricks :


  • Fuzzy Search : Fuzzy search is type of search made by fuzzy matching. Google returns the results for even the relevent keywords for your query. For example when you search for ~music player, the google search also look for keywords like mp3 music, radio etc. etc. Isn’t is a cool google trick.

  • Number range : If the thing you are searching for has something to do with numbers or number range, theen this google trick is just right for you. If you want to search for a music player having memory between 10 to 30 gb then search for this query “mp3 player 10..30 GB” The results will show you the information about mp3 players having memory betwen 10 to 30 GB.

  • Wild card search : When you place a wildcard character * in your query, google will try to replace that * with the keywords that are relevent to the query. For example try searching for “google * tricks”.

  • Page title search : The page title is the single most part of the page. The title depicts the content. You can search only in page titles using allintitle: before the query. Try searching for “allintitle:tricks”. This query will return all the pages having the tricks keyword n their title.

  • Google Calculator : Just enter the expression in the google search box and press enter, the next page will show the result of that expression. Try searching for 5+2*2 and see the result.I will update the list as more google tricks comes my way.

Google Trick

Google Trick

Nobody knows whether its a mistake or google purposely made ths . any way try this………
1-Go to Google
2-Type the word “Failure” in the search box (dont put quotes)
3-Instead of clicking “Google Search,” click “I’m Feeling Lucky.”