ULTIMATE MASS PLAYER v1.3 :Choose from 3 Installation Packs

Released MASS Music Player v1.3 on 22/03/2010

1) Complete Pack  : JRE (Java Runtime Enviroment:Useful for various websites like facebook and software application ex: facebook photo upload) and JMF (Java Media Framework)  Includes Complete Installations  :-

Note :- Installation video is given below.

2)Minimal Pack :- If you  already had JRE Installed but not JMF (Java Media Framework) ,then download this Pack :

3) Update Pack : – If you already Installed MASS Player v1.2 and  it is running successfully then this pack will update your previous version of Mass Music Player.

Ultimate MASS Music Player v1.3 features :-

1) Playlist (Full) and Compact view.

2) Right click any Mp3,Wav,Au files and Open it with MASS Music Player.

3) Complete Integration of JRE and JMF in the Installation Packages.

4) It can be placed under windows Quick Launcher Programs.

5) Automatically removes the harsh sound from your audio in the beginning of the song.

Note : Each Installation PACK is already tested on the Antivirus Programs.
Bug Fixes :-

Clear list Bug has been fixed in this release.

Installation video of MASS Player : Complete Pack

If you get an error while playing this video ,try refreshing the page again and then play.

Note : The Installation of the other packs are quite same.Just follow the step by step procedure ,given in the Setup . Serial Key is given within each Pack.



Html Basics and JavaScript Tutorials

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) documents are ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) or plain text documents that drive the World Wide Web (WWW). Within the document there are embedded commands (called tags) that are interpreted by the WEB browser. These embedded commands do all the fancy stuff of HTML like; (display pictures, make links to other sites, bold face, etc.). It is this language that formats the window to achieve different cosmetic effects.

Some of the basics of the language.

  • Commands must be enclosed within greater-than/less-than signs.
  • Commands must have a beginning point.
  • Most commands have a corresponding ending command.
    </example> – – – notice the /
  • HTML codes are NOT case sensitive.
    <EXAMPLE> = <example> = <eXaMpLe>

Download a Tutorial Which Will GUide u HTML: Html Tutorial