Gtalk Inside Orkut

This Script Adds a Google Talk Inside Orkut Home Page.

Works With: Firefox | Most of the scripts work with Firefox. In case you don’t have it installed, you can download Firefox from the left sidebar “FireFox Browser” Section if you wish to.

Installation Procedure :-

  • Install Firefox Browser.
  • Install Greasemonkey plugins.
  • In case You have any Problem in regards of how to Download Firefox and Grease Monkey,you must read this tutorial.
  • Open Gtalk From FireFox.

Uninstall the Script After Using :

  • Go to the Tools of Firefox Browser.
  • Now Go to Grease Monkey.
  • Go to Manage User Script.
  • Click Uninstall.

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Procedure of Installation

1)Install Firefox.
2)Now install Grease monkey Plugins From here.
3)Open with Firefox browser :).

Note :If your are trying to install with internet explorer ,It will not install script with in the browser,either it will prompt for download ):

4)Click on install given Below the Screen Shots.

It will automatically prompt for installation.

5)click install present in the new window again .

🙂 that’s it now you are done now .

6)Open Your Orkut account .

7)Now Repalce watever is written in your address bar(
With either or

Wait for 1 minute.

The Screen That Will Open is Give Below.


Screen Shots.

Click The Picture to Enlarge.

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Send Scrap To All At Once

Open Firefox Browser.

Make Sure Dat Grease Monkey Is on.(dat is a monkey present downside right of the Firefox should be red.)

Click On the Install Present Here(TrickWorld)

Now Open Your Orkut Accout.

Delete Wat is Written In your Url Bar (WWW.****.com)

Write Down(

Now Write Down Your Scrap In this Window.


Screen Shot of The Window(send scrap to all).

Click Submit.


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