K3b – The CD/DVD Kreator for Linux

K3b (KDE Burn Baby Burn) is a CD and DVD authoring application for the KDE desktop for Unix-like computer operating systems.It Can Also Be Used in Gnome. It provides a graphical user interface to perform most CD/DVD burning tasks like creating an Audio CD from a set of audio files or copying a CD/DVD (Images,Data etc), as well as more advanced tasks such as burning eMoviX CD/DVDs. It can also perform direct disc-to-disc copies. The program has many default settings which can be customized by more experienced users. The actual disc recording in K3b is done by the command line utilities cdrecord or wodim, cdrdao, and growisofs. As of version 1.0, K3b features a built-in DVD ripper.

After Installing K3b :

Features :

Just left-click one of your devices in the device and file tree and see what happens. K3b opens a specific window based on the media’s contents. For an audio CD for example you will be given a list of the tracks with the possibility to rip these tracks to any format supported by K3b (like mp3 or Ogg-Vorbis).

…that K3b lets you choose media instead of devices for burning. So if you want to burn to a certain medium simply insert it and wait for K3b to detect it. It will then appear as your burning medium ,there are many features of this wonderful software which i can’t explain one by one.


Click the screen shot to enlarge

Source Codes are Available.

Binary Packages are Available For Linux Users using :-




Kubuntu or ubuntu





*Freebsd package are also available.

Download K3B From Here

*You can Also Make The Donations Here

Happy DiscWriting.



KDE 4.0 Released With openSUSE Packages and Live CD

On 11th January 2008, the KDE Community released the fourth major version of the K Desktop Environment. This release marks the beginning of the KDE 4 era.

After five long months of development, the most expected project of 2007, KDE 4, has finally seen the light today! KDE 4 is the next generation of the popular K Desktop Environment, which seeks to fulfill the need for a powerful yet easy-to-use desktop, for both personal and enterprise computing. KDE project’s goal for the 4.0 release is to put the foundations in place for future innovations on the FREE desktop.

The KDE Community is thrilled to announce the immediate availability of KDE 4.0. This significant release marks both the end of the long and intensive development cycle leading up to KDE 4.0 and the beginning of the KDE 4 era.

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Send Scrap to All At Once Updated


Click Screen Shot to Enlarge

    • It Sends Scrap to All/Multiple Friends.
    • Just Click – Download or Download From Here
    • Extract All Files in Different Folder From Winzip .
    • Now Run Setup.exe.
    • If You Get Error Installing : Required – .NET 2.0 framework to run the software – Download
      That is all :o)
      Benefits :
      • It Has Two Features :All Friends /Multiple Friends or Selected Friends
      • It Will Load Your Friends List Automatically and Quickly.
      • It Will Send Scrap to Maximum 280 Friends in Your Friends List (Means You Have To Use Again After 8-12 Hours ).
      Regards To Prince.


       This Version is No More Working  Since 1 Feb 2008.

      New Release Will Soon Be Published. 

      If You R Unable to Download.
      Directly Follow These Steps Click Here.

      Scrap Flooder Ver 1.02 Latest

      Scrap Flooder 1.02 Released Tested and Tried .
      A Trickworld Member Shashi Has Requested To Make a Small Software.
      1. Well Everybody Want’s His/Her Scrapbook Have Too Many Scraps.
      2. This Software Will Flood Your/Your Friends Scrapbook with Enormous No. of Scraps.
      Screen Shot of Scrap Flooder Ver 1.02
      This flooder would allow you to flood your or your friend’s scrapbook like anythin.
      • First Of All Download or Download From Here.
      • Extract all Files at the Desktop or Any Other Folder From Winzip
      • Now Run Setup.exe.
      • If Installation Fails: Required – .NET 2.0 framework to run the software – Download.
      • Install the Software and then Open the Account.
      • Now find Your or Your Friends “Uid” – Your User id .You can find it with The Help of ScreenShot Given Below.
      • Copy and Paste The UID in The Text Box.


      Click The Screen Shot To Enlarge
      • Now Press Go ->
      • Now Press Start Flooding.

      Thanx To Prince For This Release.

      Comments Are Needed For The Next Release.


      Apple Browser Released:Safari

      Eat your heart out, Windows surfers. Apple’s Safari browser is fast and feature-packed with functions that Netscape and Internet Explorer users can only long for.

      Safari doesn’t do Windows–it’s exclusively for Apples running Mac OS X. Apple announced the browser at Macworld Expo earlier in January. Now it is available as a free public beta, and the Apple community has descended upon the Safari browser with passion, downloading it over 1 million times. The final version of Safari is to become available this year.

      12 reasons you’ll love Safari.

      1. Blazing Performance
      2. Elegant User Interface
      3. Easy Bookmarks
      4. Pop-up Blocking
      5. Inline Find
      6. Tabbed Browsing
      7. SnapBack
      8. Forms AutoFill
      9. Built-in RSS
      10. Resizable Text Fields
      11. Private Browsing
      12. Securitya.


      Screen Shots

      Download Safari Beta :

      External Mirror

      For More Information Regarding This Fabulous Browser:

      Go To The Apple Link:Click Here


      Make Windows Xp Feel Like Windows Vista:Download Link


      There are many transformation packs available which will convert XP’s look & feel to Vista. The one I use is Vista Inspirant, which completely changes look & feel. It also changes startup & shut down tones with a pleasant sound.

      Another popular transformation pack available is Vista Tranformation Pack.This pack alsoDoes everything that Vista Inspirant do. Additionally it also features 3D flip which can also be installed Manually .
      There are lot of other packs to change XP’s look & feel. Not only to look like Vista, but also other OS like Linux KDE & Mac.

      Here Some Other Links :-

      PC World



      Creating Password reset Disk for Xp:*

      Windows XP allows you to create a password reset disk, just in case you forget the password and can’t login. This is only for computers that are not on a domain. Those that are on a domain may or may not work the same way.

      Go to Start->Control Panel->User Accounts and click on your username. Under Related Tasks on the left pane, click Prevent a forgotten password. A wizard will show up. Click next and then insert a floppy disk into your floppy drive and choose to save the reset disk on the floppy.

      Enter your current password and then click Next and Finish. The floppy will now contain your encrypted password. If you forget your password, you can just use the Password Reset Wizard to create a new one. Just make sure to create another reset disk once you changed your password. So if you forgot your password and changed it to a new one, create another reset disk by repeating the above procedure again.