Fedora 9

Fedora 9, the Fedora project continues its tradition of being the most innovative major distribution, combining new applications from other distributions as well as its own inventions. However, in no other release has Fedora walked the line between leading edge and bleeding edge so precariously. At times, as with its updating of subsystems and its selection of desktop software, Fedora 9 manages to innovate without inconveniencing users. But, in other cases, most notably in the changes to package installation, the project has chosen innovation over usability.

Like earlier releases, Fedora 9 offers a wealth of installation alternatives, and introduces some of its own. The download page offers 32- and 64-bit DVDs and CDs, and live media for both GNOME and KDE desktops. Alternatively, you can create a bootable USB flash drive — an option that, starting in Fedora 9, includes the ability to store your own data and permanently alter the installation. Other choice include the Unity subproject’s supply of custom spins. If none of these choices suits you, you can create your own install image using Revisor.

With Fedora 9, you also have the option of using live-usb-creator from Windows to create a live flash drive. While Fedora leader Paul Frields says that adding a version of Ubuntu’s Wubi remains a future possibility, the live-usb-creator seems a simpler alternative, especially as the result lacks most of the speed problems of a live CD. For now, the application is not available in Fedora itself, although the project page suggests that it should be soon.

Most users will probably install via an install or live DVD/CD. The live CD is the fastest choice to download and offers the simplest install program, but experienced users might miss the ability to control the details of the installation.

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Fedora 9 Installation Screen Shots Video by leemgs

Download Links

#Fedora Desktop Live Media
o i686 – Live CD:
o x86_64 – Live CD:

#Fedora KDE Live Media
o i686 – Live CD:
o x86_64 – Live CD:

#Install Media
o i386 – Install DVD:
o x86_64 – Install DVD:

For More Information Visit : http://www.fedoraproject.org

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One Response to “Fedora 9”

  1. Malshan Peiris Says:

    I’m running entirely on FC9, no windows use. It’s great, only thing is that my i945GMA driver fails

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