Vlc Player For Suse 10.3

About VideoLAN

VideoLAN is a software project, which produces free software for video, released under the GNU General Public License.


In order to install VLC on a SUSE Linux/openSUSE, you have several options (besides downloading and installing the RPMs manually).

The instructions here are to be followed using YaST, the native SUSE/openSUSE Package manager, which exists in all versions. For SUSE 10.3, use the one click installer.

Installing VLC on openSUSE 10.3

Alternative Method Of Installing is Given Below :

Download VLC media player for SUSE Linux using YaST

Add VideoLAN’s repository

First, add a new repository (installation source) in YaST (YaST2 -> Software -> Installation Sources)

Add the following Repository:

Type: HTTP / Servername: download.videolan.org /
Directory: /pub/videolan/vlc/SuSE/<SUSE Version>

Replace <SUSE Version> in the Directory above with your installed SuSE Version. Supported at this time are :


Confirm the addition.
The repository is signed with a GPG Key (gpg key C8DA93D2 fingerprint BC8D 780D E330 8581 B2E0 7085 33DE 8FB7 C8DA 93D2). Accept this key in YaST and it will warn you in case there is something suspect with the repository.
Accept everything by clicking Finish.

or Alternatively 

Setting Up The Repositories
The YAST repositories that need to be enabled are Packman and VideoLan. To enable the repositories

  1. Run YAST (from Computer -> Control Center->Yast)
  2. Go to Software -> Community Repositories
  3. Select Packman and VideoLan by placing a tick in the check box beside their names and click finish
  4. YAST will then automatically setup the repositories for you. During the setup process, you will be asked if you want YAST to import the gpg keys for the repositories you chose and you need to select “yes”.

Now Installation

Go to Yast->software->Software Management and enter VLC in the searchbox and search for it. Select it and click Accept to install it with all it’s dependencies. This might require the SUSE CD or DVD.

If you want VLC’s Mozilla Plugin, you have to select the vlc-mozillaplugin manually. It does not get installed by dependencies.

You’re done with the installation. Have a lot of Fun.


8 Responses to “Vlc Player For Suse 10.3”

  1. Lazar Says:

    Hi, I’am new with Suse 10.3 and want to thank you for your post. It’s helpful for neginners.
    Everything is working OK after installation of all dependencies.
    Drop a line for installation of Real player, JRE and Adobe Acrobat.
    I try do something, download it from pbone, but everything was wrong and files did not installed on my PC.
    Again thank you!


  2. sameer Says:

    This is the great job u r doing my bro. i want to secure most of the platforms runing in india to be the securest platform that is linux u just go on ur job doing this i m very happy to see this site. U r not yet done make linux transparent to all & make simple to use

    UR’s Friend

  3. Anonymous Says:

    how can i download vlc or any media player for fedora 9??

  4. Puneet Says:

    Use yumex (Graphical Software Installer) or Yum and follow the Link Below :


  5. ragavendra.s.r Says:

    how can i install vlc media player in thinclient suse

  6. yasir Says:

    hey brother
    i tried to install vlc using one click and i also installed vlc
    using Repositories mathod
    but i cannot play video files
    audio works fine not video
    please help me when ever i run video file a pop up manu
    comes and then nothing happens

  7. Peter Unzer Says:

    Das ist mal wieder typisch für diese schwachmatische Bastel-und Frickelsoftware. VLC für Suse 10.3 – Fehlanzeige. Nirgends zu finden. Es kotzt mich an!!! Aber über Windows stöhnen. Diese Software ist ein einziger Albtraum!!!!

  8. Clicking Here Says:

    I appreciate the info on your site. Kudos!

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