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Why I Quit Windows and Switched to Linux

t’s funny how some people react when I tell them I use Linux. Sometimes they express the sentiment that I must be very computer savvy. Other’s get caught up in all the brand loyalty hype and still some have never heard of Linux! I kid you not! ;) The truth of the matter is that I switched partly because Windows no longer offered me any challenges and reliability became an issue.spacer_gif Why I Quit Windows and Switched to Linux The most common question I get asked whenever I present a public speaking seminar is “Why did you switch to Linux?”Well… for all those who asked, here’s the long winded answer.spacer_gif Why I Quit Windows and Switched to Linux

FUll story

Scrap Friend 2.01 is Released

Scrap Friend 2.01
It Send Scrap To All Friends At a Time (Fast and Improved).

Since Previous Release is No More Working Since 1 Feb 2008.This Release is Comes Out With a Very Fast Scrap To All Integrated and Lot More New Features are Integrated For Fresh Looks.

Click The Screen Shot To Enlarge.

key Features :

  • Scrap To All : Fastest Version .
  • Customization Option(Colors & Fonts) .
  • New Looks.
  • Funny Link is Integrated.
or Download Mirror : Click Here

How to Install From Zip?

  • Requires Winzip or 7 Zip or winrar.
  • Open the Zip File and Run Setup.exe ,That’s It.
  • If You r Getting Platform Error While Installing : Required – .NET 2.0 framework to run the software – Download
  • That is all 🙂

Note : – If You Have Already Installed The Previous Version ,Then Remove it.
Go to Control Panel->Add or Remove Programme->Select Scrap Friend ,Uninstall it,Then Freshly Install The Downloaded Latest Version.


Download .rar Version

or Download Mirror : Click Here

How to Install .rar?

  • Requires Winzip or 7 Zip or winrar
  • Open the Zip File and Run Setup.exe ,That’s It.
  • If You r Getting Platform Error While Installing : Required – .NET 2.0 framework to run the software – Download
  • That ‘s all 🙂
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Compiz-Fusion Community News for February 9, 2008: KDE 4 is in.

kde4.jpgThe Community News returns again, after an absence that I will try to avoid in future P In the time between the previous community news and the last, there have been a number of new and interesting cool features added to Compiz-Fusion. The changes have taken place due to our community and our very own onestone who has added a slew of KDE 4 composite features to Compiz. Some highlights this week are:

  • KDE 4 Window decorator plasma integration

  • Show Mouse, and Area-Based maginification through the mag plugin

  • Wiimote integration

  • True blending of wallpapers and cubecaps

A number of bugs have also been fixed (Not the emerald crash at random, sorry!) which should improve your Compiz Fusion experience marginally.




News in Bugs

  • Temporary fix for certain windows loosing their shape attributes while using freewins (link)
  • Atlantis 2 works a bit better with normal monitors
  • Fix unnecessary compile warning with the screensaver plugin
  • Better option grouping in the Winrules plugin
  • Maximumize plugin was placed in the Window Management category
  • Individual plugin Makefiles were updated to notify the user as to when the plugin should be installed globally because it depends on other plugins
  • The sesssion plugin was updated to use core session functions, it should allow session management in the near future
  • Fix visual glitch when using cube reflections with 3D
  • The ‘Brightness and Saturation’ plugin has been placed in the accessibility category
  • Some freezes fixed in animation, particularly with superkaramba
  • Display glitches such as animation artifacts and dark textures in animation fixed.
  • Fix trailfocus glitches when windows span multiple viewports
  • Improved metadata in the showmouse plugin
  • Fragment shader fixes for the ‘fisheye’ mode of mag. The effect should work on the NVIDIA and Intel platforms. It may work for ATI users who use linux or have somewhat decent AIGLX support with fragment_program
  • ‘Fisheye’ plugin merged into mag as another mode
  • Ability to disable KDE4 support in compiz-fusion-debain platforms
  • Some working option support in the Wiimote plugin.

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Sabayon Linux a Distro For The Professionals


Sabayon is Not Yet Popular but is Climbing the DistroWatch Very Quickly .If You Want a Change ,Sabayon is like a “Breath of Fresh Air”.It is One of The Cool Distro that i have Seen After Watching Suse,Ubuntu,Fedora etc.

The Main Features of any Sabayon Version are :

Sabayon Offers a Complete out-of -box experience.This Means it Comes With pre-Installed multimedia,internet,gaming abilities and many of the Latest Softwares.

Releases are done in a short-time.This Means that You Don’t Need to Depend on Updating ‘by hand’ to the latest software Versions

Unlike most other distributions,sabayon is Completely Independent of Commercial interests.the Developers of Sabayon Linux are all users of other distributions –so they have made a Distribution “From users of users”.sabayon.jpg

Sabayon is arguably the Most Complete Distro that packs all Possible Application into a DVD.Only Knoppix,Perhaps ,is More Complete.An Alternative for people ,who do not have access to DVD Media is a mini-edition ,which is Available for Downloads and Can be Burned to a CD.This Version has KDE,Fluxbox and Other basic Applications.

System Requirement :

  • i586 Processor(Starting from AMD K5 and Intel Pentium)
  • Minimun 256 MB RAM ;512 Recomended.
  • Live Enviroment (with or Without 3D)
  • Approximately 12 GB of Free Disk Space.

Games and Entertainment :

The Sabayon Dvd is Loaded With a Lots of Games and There Demo’s Like Quake 4 and Cold War.

The Multimedia applicatios are Probably one of the most difficult desktop applications to configure and install on some Linux Distros .Sabayon is Completely Different and Different and includes Applications that you need for Viewing movies ,listening to Music Editing Video Clips,Recording and Editing Music,Managing Music Notes etc,K3B(Writer),and Amarok.

Visit For More Features And Downlaoads :-Click Here

KDE 4.0 Released With openSUSE Packages and Live CD

On 11th January 2008, the KDE Community released the fourth major version of the K Desktop Environment. This release marks the beginning of the KDE 4 era.

After five long months of development, the most expected project of 2007, KDE 4, has finally seen the light today! KDE 4 is the next generation of the popular K Desktop Environment, which seeks to fulfill the need for a powerful yet easy-to-use desktop, for both personal and enterprise computing. KDE project’s goal for the 4.0 release is to put the foundations in place for future innovations on the FREE desktop.

The KDE Community is thrilled to announce the immediate availability of KDE 4.0. This significant release marks both the end of the long and intensive development cycle leading up to KDE 4.0 and the beginning of the KDE 4 era.

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Latest India(The Cheapest Car)

Tata Motors on Thursday unveiled its ‘People’s Car’, the 4-door Nano, which will be the world’s cheapest car with a dealer price of 100,000 rupees.

  • It will help India’s huge two wheeler popular upgrade to a four-wheeler .
  • If popular, will clog roads in the cities
  • Establish a huge volume market that cannot be ignored by any large car manufacturer


Following are some details on the car, which was presented at the Auto Expo in New Delhi.




  • Engine: Rear-wheel drive, 2-cylinder, 624 cc, multi-point fuel-injection petrol engine. Engine is rear mounted. Tata said it was the first time a 2-cylinder gasoline engine was being used in a car with single balancer shaft.

The cheapest car


  • Safety: Tata said the Nano has an all sheet-metal body, with safety features such as crumple zones, intrusion-resistant doors, seat-belts, strong seats and anchorages, and the rear tailgate glass bonded to the body. Tyres are tubeless.
  • Environment: Tata said tailpipe emission performance exceeded current regulatory requirements, and the Nano had a lower overall pollution level than two-wheelers made in India. It said high fuel efficiency (20 km/litre) ensured low carbon dioxide emissions.

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  • This car will give fuel average of 20-25 Km/litre.
  • Top speed of Nano will be 90 Km/hour.
  • Petrol tank of this car will have capacity of 30 litres.
  • Nano will be available in three colours red, yellow and silver.
  • This car can accommodate 4-5 people.
  • Price to the distributor of Nano in Delhi will be Rs 1 Lakh and its actual price will be slightly more than 1 lakh for customers.
  • Nano will meet Bharat 3 and Euro 4 emission standards.
  • This car will have 21% more interior space than Maruti 800 and it will be 8% small than Maruti 800.
  • Tata will launch one basic and two deluxe models (with AC) of this car.
  • Team of 500 people have completed this dream of Tata.
  • Length of car is 3.1 meter and its width is 1.5 meter.
  • It will cost Rs 1.35 Lakh after all formalities.
  • Its price in US dollar is around $ 2600 and Euro 1750.