New Year Orkut Scraps 2010 with Audio Mp3 & Musical

New Year 2010 Orkut Scrap

MP3 Scraps with Images / Videos


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Orkut community :


Happy New Year and Keep Enjoy and Let others do the Same




Orkut Boy For Easy Orkuting .

Orkut Boy Works With Any Browser(Internet Explorer,Firefox etc ) .It is Designed For Making Orkut Easy by Fast Navigations to any Page You Want on Orkut.

Screen Shot

How it Works?

1)Navigate to

2) Open Your Orkut Account .


3)  Open Your Orkut Account First and Then Click The Link :-

Happy Orkuting

Enjoy !!!

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Add More Than 1000 Friends On Orkut

  1. This trick is now public, don’t expect it to be working forever. Just be quick and achieve glory.
  2. Now, Navigate to –
  3. Now Enter Email Addresses to add as your friend(s) – Make sure the members are active on orkut.
  4. Enter the captcha.
  5. Submit
  6. Now, You will see option to add the profiles as your friend just select all the check boxes and all the profiles will be sent request automatically.


Windows Vs Linux Vs Mac Os

I’ve been following all the debate and divided opinion across the net and the blogosphere about how the 3 operating systems square up to each other. I find this an interesting debate, interesting in the fact that Linux is actually being considered as an alternative to the big two. In my, humble opinion, I think alot of this has to do with the new focus on ‘eye-candy’. One of Vista’s huge new features is the Aero visual interface. Now I’ve seen it in action, as well as Mac OS X’ interface, and I honestly think that neither of them compare with my Compiz-Fusion enhanced Ubuntu desktop.

Window Vista

Mac Os

Ubuntu Linux

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Scrap Friend 2.01 is Released

Scrap Friend 2.01
It Send Scrap To All Friends At a Time (Fast and Improved).

Since Previous Release is No More Working Since 1 Feb 2008.This Release is Comes Out With a Very Fast Scrap To All Integrated and Lot More New Features are Integrated For Fresh Looks.

Click The Screen Shot To Enlarge.

key Features :

  • Scrap To All : Fastest Version .
  • Customization Option(Colors & Fonts) .
  • New Looks.
  • Funny Link is Integrated.
or Download Mirror : Click Here

How to Install From Zip?

  • Requires Winzip or 7 Zip or winrar.
  • Open the Zip File and Run Setup.exe ,That’s It.
  • If You r Getting Platform Error While Installing : Required – .NET 2.0 framework to run the software – Download
  • That is all 🙂

Note : – If You Have Already Installed The Previous Version ,Then Remove it.
Go to Control Panel->Add or Remove Programme->Select Scrap Friend ,Uninstall it,Then Freshly Install The Downloaded Latest Version.


Download .rar Version

or Download Mirror : Click Here

How to Install .rar?

  • Requires Winzip or 7 Zip or winrar
  • Open the Zip File and Run Setup.exe ,That’s It.
  • If You r Getting Platform Error While Installing : Required – .NET 2.0 framework to run the software – Download
  • That ‘s all 🙂
Regards to prince
Happy Orkuting.
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Send Scrap to All Friends in a Single Click

Scrap all Friends at Once in internet Explorer,Firefox,Opera.
For More Visit : TrickWorld

How To Skip Captcha While Sending Images in Scrap All?

Hi We Have Given a Software to scrap all Friends at Once and a script which will send Scrap to all Friends at Once.

Now,There are two ways from which You can send Images with Scraps WIthout Captcha Filling.

First way

1)Upload the Image which You want to send to Your Friends in Your Orkut Album.

2)After Uploading Right Click On the Image And Select Properties.

3) Now copy the Address url which is On the Properties Options.

4)Now Go to Scrap all and Paste That Copied Url and Send Scrap.


Second Way.

1)Go to Your Scrapbook.

2)Click on the add Photo Option Present down the Text area.

3)Upload Your image which u want to send to Your Friend.

4)You will be Provided a Url ,Copy the Url and Paste it in Scrap all.

5)Click Send And You r Done.

Screen Shot Two.


Happy Orkuting